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Henning Klingenfuß is partner in the Real Estate division.

Qualification & Experience

He specialises in advising clients in relation to investments in commercial real estate and renewable energies (wind parks and solar parks). This includes in particular the structuring of transactions (asset deals and share deals), due diligence, purchase agreement negotiations and financing. He also frequently advises clients in the field of commercial tenancy law.

The clients of Henning Klingenfuß include institutional investors (in particular funds and insurance companies) as well as private investors. As he also renders services in English and French, he regularly acts on behalf of foreign clients.

Henning Klingenfuß was partner at Zirngibl Langwieser and Kraske Melcher prior to joining STOLZENBERG Rechtsanwälte at beginning of 2018. He was admitted to practice in Germany in 2004.

Henning Klingenfuß studied German and French law in Saarbrücken and Paris (Sorbonne) and completed his legal clerkship in Munich. He obtained his doctorate from the Institute for International Law of the University of Munich (Institut für Internationales Recht der LMU München/ Chair of Prof. H. J. Sonnenberger, Prof. Stephan Lorenz).