A further core area for STOLZENBERG Rechtsanwälte is the provision of legal advice as well as contract design or negotiations for a company's ongoing business operations. This includes the following:

  • Distribution agreements, commercial agent agreements, reseller agreements, dealership agreements, franchise agreements, and other sales agreements
  • Purchase agreements, supply agreements, and other procurements contracts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Contract manufacturing agreements (EMS, OEM, ODM) including quality assurance, resources and logistics
  • Consultancy agreements, employment contracts and service contracts
  • Employment contracts for partners in freelance partnerships
  • Rental agreements for commercial properties
  • Marketing, cooperation, sponsoring and advertising contracts
  • Financing and hire-purchase contracts
  • Prime contractor, general contractor and subcontractor agreements
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Research and development contracts
  • License and know-how contracts
  • E-commerce and Internet contracts
  • Payment and performance guarantees

Examples of our recent activities:

  • Drawing up and negotiation of an EU-wide franchise agreement in the textile industry
  • Drawing up the global standard procurement contract for a large retail group
  • Negotiation of a framework manufacturing and supply agreement for industrial foundry products with a total volume of around 300 million euros
  • Drawing up and negotiation of development and supply agreements in the area of design and supply chain services
  • Negotiation of completion and warranty guarantees for the construction of residential facilities in Scandinavia (total volume of around 250 million euros)
  • Drawing up and negotiation of a general contractor agreement for the renovation of an electricity substation
  • Drawing up and negotiation of development and supply agreements in the automotive supply industry (new technical standard for engine injector valves)
  • Advice on changes to development and supply agreements for rail vehicles (trains and locomotives)
  • Advice on adjusting supply contracts in the solar industry to reflect the economic cycle
  • Comprehensive advice and contract design in connection with the redesign of a publishing company's website
  • Contract negotiations for a scrum-based IT project
  • Drawing up of operating and hotel management contracts